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Unlocking Success: Strategies to Boost Bookings During Slow Seasons

Getting more bookings during slow seasons can be a challenging, but essential, task for short-term vacation rental owners. At Sandy Feet VR, we are committed to getting bookings no matter the season! Here are some strategies we implement to help boost bookings during these periods:

  1. Offer Seasonal Discounts and Specials:
    • Create special offers or discounts tailored to the slow season. This can incentivize potential customers to book during off-peak times.
  2. Promote Off-Season Activities:
    • Highlight unique experiences or activities that are available only during the slow season. Showcase what makes visiting during this time special.
  3. Target Niche Markets:
    • Identify niche markets or segments of travelers who might be interested in visiting during the slow season. Tailor your marketing efforts to reach these specific audiences.
  4. Leverage Social Media and Online Advertising:
    • Use social media and online advertising to reach a broader audience. Highlight your special offers and the unique experiences available during the slow season.
  5. Optimize SEO and Content Marketing:
    • Create content that focuses on the benefits of visiting during the off-peak season. Optimize your website for search engines to ensure it ranks well for relevant keywords.
  6. Email Marketing:
    • Maintain a robust email marketing strategy. Send out newsletters and promotional emails to your past guests and potential customers, informing them of special deals and the benefits of visiting during the slow season.
  7. Engage with Past Guests:
    • Encourage repeat bookings by engaging with past guests. Offer loyalty programs, personalized discounts, or exclusive perks to guests who have stayed with you before.
  8. Enhance Customer Service:
    • Exceptional customer service can lead to word-of-mouth referrals. Happy guests are more likely to recommend your business to others.
  9. Reevaluate Pricing Strategies:
    • Adjust your pricing strategy to be more competitive during the slow season. Consider dynamic pricing to attract cost-conscious travelers.
  10. Invest in Marketing and Advertising:
    • Allocate a portion of your budget to marketing and advertising efforts specifically designed to target the slow season.
  11. Collect and Analyze Data:
    • Use data analytics to understand booking trends during slow seasons. This information can help you make informed decisions and adjustments to your strategies.

Remember that patience and persistence are key when trying to boost bookings during slow seasons. It may take time to see significant results, so be prepared to continually adapt and refine your approach based on the feedback and data you receive. At Sandy Feet VR, we have a specific marketing strategy and dynamic pricing tool we use to secure bookings no matter the season. We are a company committed to excellence and our guests spread the word of our 5-star service!

Are you ready to get more bookings for your vacation rental? Give Sandy Feet VR a call at 727-333-5951 today!

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Choosing a local property management company can offer several advantages over selecting a company from a different area. Here are some reasons why it can be beneficial to opt for a local property management company:

  1. Knowledge of the Local Market: A local property management company will have extensive knowledge and understanding of the local short-term vacation rental market. They will be familiar with nightly rates, market trends, and booking dynamics. This expertise can help you set appropriate prices, attract guests, and make informed decisions regarding your property.
  2. Prompt Response and Accessibility: Being local means the property management company can quickly respond to any issues or emergencies that may arise with your property. They can visit the property promptly, coordinate repairs or maintenance, and keep an eye on the premises. This level of attentiveness and accessibility can help minimize potential damages and keep guests satisfied.
  3. Local Network and Connections: Local property management companies often have a strong network of local contractors, vendors, and service providers. They have established relationships and know reliable professionals for repairs, maintenance, landscaping, and other property-related needs. This network can ensure that your property receives quality service at competitive rates.
  4. Familiarity with Local Laws and Regulations: Real estate laws and regulations can vary from one jurisdiction to another. By choosing a local property management company, you benefit from their knowledge of the specific local laws and regulations governing short-term rental properties. They can ensure that your property is in compliance with all legal requirements and handle any necessary paperwork or permits.
  5. Personalized Service and Local Expertise: A local property management company offers more personalized and tailored services. We take the time to understand your specific goals and requirements, as well as provide insights and advice based on their extensive local experience. This personalized approach can contribute to better decision-making and overall property performance.
  6. Community Presence and Marketing: A local property management company is typically more familiar with the local community. They know the most effective advertising channels, target demographics, and can leverage local events to attract more guests.


At Sandy Feet VR we are a firefighter owned and locally owned company ready to provide you with a hassle-free and profitable vacation rental. If you would like to learn more about our services, give us a call at 727-333-5951 today!

Updating your vacation rental is essential to attract guests, enhance their experience, and maintain the property’s value and reputation. Here are three key reasons why you should update your vacation rental:

  1. Increased Attractiveness to Guests:
    • Competitive Edge: The vacation rental market is highly competitive. Updating your property allows you to stay ahead of the competition by offering a fresh and appealing space that attracts more guests.
    • Higher Occupancy Rates: Modern and well-maintained properties tend to have higher occupancy rates. Guests are more likely to book a rental that looks clean, stylish, and up-to-date.
    • Positive Reviews: Satisfied guests are more likely to leave positive reviews, which can significantly impact your property’s reputation. Positive reviews lead to more bookings and better returns on your investment.
  2. Improved Guest Experience:
    • Comfort and Convenience: Updating your vacation rental enables you to provide modern amenities, comfortable furnishings, and updated appliances. These improvements enhance the overall comfort and convenience of your property, making guests’ stays more enjoyable.
    • Safety and Functionality: Regular updates also ensure that your property remains safe and functional. This includes checking for any maintenance issues, updating security features, and ensuring that all essential utilities are in working order.
    • Sustainability: Updating your rental with energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly amenities, and sustainable practices can attract environmentally conscious travelers and reduce operating costs in the long run.
  3. Preservation of Property Value:
    • Long-Term Investment: Regular updates protect your investment by preventing the property from deteriorating over time. Neglecting maintenance and updates can lead to costly repairs or a decrease in property value.
    • Market Value: An updated vacation rental typically has a higher market value, which can be beneficial if you decide to sell in the future. Upgrades can increase the resale price and attract potential buyers or investors.
    • Insurance and Liability: Maintaining a well-kept property reduces the risk of accidents or damage, which can affect your insurance rates and liability. Up-to-date safety features and well-maintained structures help protect both your guests and your investment.

In summary, updating your vacation rental is not only a way to stay competitive and attract guests but also a strategic investment in the long-term success and value of your property. Regular updates can lead to increased bookings, improved guest experiences, and the preservation of your property’s market value.

At Sandy Feet VR, we are a premium full-service vacation rental management company that can handle all of your needs IN-HOUSE! Whether it be property set-up, interior design, or updating/remodeling – we can do it all!
Are you ready for a hassle-free and profitable short-term vacation rental? Give us a call today 727-333-5951!

Owning a vacation rental property can offer several benefits, both financial and personal. We have owned and managed our own rentals since 2020, and here are some of the advantages we found of owning a vacation rental:

  1. Additional Income: Renting out your property as a vacation rental can generate a steady stream of income. Depending on the location and demand, you may be able to charge premium rates during peak seasons, allowing you to recoup your investment and potentially make a profit.
  2. Flexibility: Unlike long-term rentals, vacation rentals provide flexibility in terms of availability. You can choose when to use the property for your vacations or block out dates for personal use, and rent it out for the rest of the time. This flexibility allows you to have a personal getaway while still generating income.
  3. Tax Benefits: Owning a vacation rental can provide tax advantages. Depending on your location and circumstances, you may be able to deduct expenses such as mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance, maintenance costs, and depreciation, reducing your overall tax liability.
  4. Asset Appreciation: Vacation rental properties in desirable locations often have the potential for appreciation over time. If you invest in a property in a popular tourist destination or an up-and-coming area, its value may increase, providing you with potential capital gains in the future.
  5. Diversification of Investments: Owning a vacation rental can be a way to diversify your investment portfolio. Real estate can serve as a tangible asset that is less correlated with the stock market, offering a different type of investment that can provide stability and potential returns.
  6. Personal Use and Enjoyment: One of the significant benefits of owning a vacation rental is the ability to use the property for your own vacations. You have the freedom to enjoy the property yourself and create lasting memories with family and friends while still generating income during the times you choose not to occupy it.
  7. Property Management Control: Unlike long-term rentals, where tenants occupy the property for extended periods, vacation rentals allow you to maintain control over the property and its maintenance. You can choose to manage it yourself or hire a property management company to handle day-to-day operations, ensuring the property is well-maintained and meets your standards.

It’s important to note that owning a vacation rental also comes with challenges and responsibilities, such as property maintenance, marketing, and guest management. It requires careful planning, research, and understanding of local regulations. Conducting a thorough analysis of the costs, potential income, and market demand in the desired location is crucial before making an investment decision.

Increasing the average daily rate (ADR) and occupancy rate of a vacation rental requires a combination of effective marketing strategies, providing excellent guest experiences, and optimizing pricing.

Here are some tips to help you achieve those goals:

Professional Photography

Invest in high-quality, professional photographs that showcase the best features of your vacation rental. Good visuals can attract more potential guests and encourage them to book.

Accurate and Detailed Listing

Create a comprehensive and engaging listing that highlights the unique selling points of your vacation rental. Include all essential information such as amenities, nearby attractions, and any special features that make your property stand out.

Online Marketing

Promote your vacation rental on various online platforms such as vacation rental websites, social media, and your own website. Leverage the power of social media marketing to reach a wider audience and engage with potential and past guests.

Optimize Pricing

Use a dynamic pricing tool to help you analyze market trends and adjust your pricing accordingly. This will also help you consider factors such as seasonality and demand patterns to optimize your rates. Offering competitive prices can attract more guests, but ensure that your pricing is still profitable. We use BeyondPricing and it is the best in the industry.

Enhance Guest Experience

Focus on providing an exceptional guest experience. Ensure your vacation rental is clean, well-maintained, and fully equipped with amenities. Promptly address any issues or concerns raised by guests to leave a positive impression. Remember, improving your ADR and occupancy rates may take time and experimentation. Continuously monitor and analyze your results, and be willing to adapt your strategies as needed to achieve your goals. If you are interested in purchasing a vacation rental in the St. Pete – Clearwater Beach area and would like to see revenue projections for specific houses/condos,


give us a call at 727-333-5951 today!

Investing in a vacation rental in the St. Pete-Clearwater Beach area can be a lucrative and rewarding venture! We can say that because we have done it ourself!

We have lived in Clearwater, Florida since 2004 and have purchased and restored many homes in the Pinellas County area. Additionally, we have owned and managed our own vacation rentals in Indian Rocks Beach, Florida since 2020!

Here are three key reasons we have found it a great decision to invest in this highly sought-out area:

However, before making any investment decisions, it’s crucial to thoroughly research the local real estate market, consider factors like property management and maintenance costs, and consult with professionals such as real estate agents, financial advisors, and tax experts to ensure you make an informed choice.

If you are interested in purchasing a vacation rental in the St. Pete – Clearwater Beach area and would like to see revenue projections for specific houses/condos, give us a call at 727-333-5951 today!

Picking a property management company isn’t an easy feat! While there are many factors to consider, here are 3 extremely important things we recommend you look for when choosing a property management company that will help it be hassle-free and increase your profits!

1. Maintenance and Inspections

Short-term vacation rental maintenance is crucial and impacts everything from preventing disasters to excellent guest reviews. Caring for your vacation rental can be more work than your own home! You will want to find a property management company that has a trustworthy maintenance team who will take this off your plate. At Sandy Feet VR, we manage all your maintenance needs from changing out light bulbs to defrosting refrigerators. Imagine this… it’s Friday evening and the guest is calling to say the refrigerator is not cool and all their food is going to spoil! We have gone the length of taking another refrigerator until we resolve the issue.

With our regular inspections, we aim to defer maintenance issues by checking filters, light bulbs, appliances, and much more. Our response is immediate and solution-time-oriented. The guest will know when and how we will remedy issues that arise. There are times when the maintenance becomes a repair. These issues will be addressed with you, the owner, and we will create a plan together. While these situations are not ideal, they will arise and we are prepared with an excellent team.

Meet our Sandy Feet VR Maintenance Team

(From left to right: Emil Baltic, Corey Francisco, Bob Ross)

Meet our Sandy Feet VR Inspection/Inventory Team

(From left to right: Celeste Domico and Mira Metzger)


2. Guest Services and Communication

Communication is a vital aspect of any business. Poor communication can result in a loss of sales (bookings) and/or a damaged reputation. While most companies struggle with communication when it comes to customer service, at SFVR, we answer our phones faithfully, at any time, for our guests. We believe our communication and customer service is one of the key contributors to our plethora of 5-star reviews for each property.

Specifically when it comes to guest inquiries and bookings, it is known that if a response is not given quickly the guest will move on. When considering a property management company, you will want to consider their communication standards.

Our goal at Sandy Feet VR is to respond promptly to inquiries to ensure bookings and more revenue for our owners! We aim to know the ins and outs of each property to be able to respond with accurate answers to the potential guests’ questions. Accurate, dependable, and time-dependent communication is KEY!

“Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service” is our slogan at Sandy Feet VR, and it represents who we are and what we aim to do! We handle ALL guest relations from inquires to bookings, to hosting and rebookings!

Meet our Sandy Feet VR Guest Services & Communication Team

(From left to right: Audrey Schlatter and Angie Baltic)


3. Marketing and Advertising

When it comes to marketing your vacation rental, there are two very important things you should consider doing. The first is creating a website for your vacation rental. Having a website for your vacation rental is essential so that you can promote your property and avoid all the additional travel site fees. Once you have your website in place, you can then use social media marketing to promote your property. At Sandy Feet VR, we take care of the website for you and we utilize several social media platforms and strategies to promote your property. During onboarding, our team will take both photo/video footage in addition to our professional photography to use on social media. Our social pages are updated daily, so make sure to follow along @sandyfeetvr. We take the hard work of social media marketing off of your plate and encourage you to simply share what we post. (We have had owners repost our content and get bookings from friends!)

Meet our Sandy Feet VR Marketing Team

(From left to right: Corbin Schlatter and Claire Nix)


If you’re looking to simplify your life and increase your profits as a vacation rental owner, give Sandy Feet Vacation Rentals a call today at 727-333-5951.

Are you looking to increase your revenue and make more profit from your property this year? Look no further because I’ve got some great tips for you!


Here are three ways to increase your vacation rental profits:


  1. Get Your Own Website

One way to increase your profits for your vacation rental is to decrease your expenses per booking. Did you know most booking platforms charge anywhere from 3%-15% commission per booking. When you have your own website for your vacation rental, you can offer your guests the best price and avoid paying any commission fees when they book! You can also choose to partner with a property management company that has their own website and is actively marketing their website to potential guests to increase your bookings that don’t require extra commission.


  1. Purchase a Dynamic Pricing Tool

Dynamic pricing eliminates the “guessing game” of pricing! Save yourself time and stress often caused by static/seasonal pricing. Dynamic pricing has the ability to meet demand where it’s at – automatically increasing or decreasing the price of your listing based on historical and real-time data, all done on a daily basis. When considering a property management company, you will want to verify if they use a dynamic pricing tool in order to get the maximum profit on your vacation rental.


  1. Increase Your Number of Returning Guests

Another way to increase your profits is through increasing your number of returning guests. Studies state, “Repeat customers have been measured to spend an average of 67% more than new customers.” The best way to increase your number of returning guests is to provide them with a 5-star experience through excellent communication, accurate property descriptions, and dedication to cleanliness!


In conclusion, it’s essential to stay innovative in the vacation rental industry, embrace technology, and continuously refine your rental strategy to grow your vacation rental business. By implementing these tips, you’ll be on your way to increased profits and happier guests in no time! Happy renting!


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Running a vacation rental can be a great way to earn extra money, but it can also be a lot of work. From managing bookings to keeping the space clean and maintaining guest satisfaction, there are many aspects of running a vacation rental that require attention.

Here are some tips to help you run a successful and profitable vacation rental:

  1. Set Your Rates Appropriately: Be sure to set your rates at a competitive price that gives your guests good value for their money. Consider the location, size, and amenities of your rental, as well as the time of year, to determine a fair price.
  2. Advertise Effectively: Take good pictures of your vacation rental and post them on reputable online marketplaces such as Airbnb, Booking.com, or VRBO. Be sure to include detailed information about the rental in your listing, such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, and nearby attractions.
  3. Screen Your Guests Carefully: It’s important to screen your guests carefully to ensure that they are responsible and respectful. Consider requiring a deposit and verifying their identities before accepting their reservation.
  4. Provide Excellent Customer Service: Be responsive and available to your guests throughout their stay. Respond to their questions and concerns promptly and make sure the rental is clean and well-maintained.
  5. Build a Professional Team: If you’re running a larger vacation rental, consider hiring a professional property management company or a cleaning service to help you manage and maintain the rental.
  6. Communicate Clearly and Transparently: Clearly communicate your policies related to cancellations, check-in and check-out times, and guest responsibilities. This will help prevent misunderstandings and ensure that both you and your guests are on the same page.

By following these tips, you can run a successful and profitable vacation rental that your guests will enjoy and recommend to others. Remember that running a vacation rental requires hard work and dedication, but the rewards can be significant. If you are ready to turn your property into a vacation rental and want it to be profitable and hassle-free, we can help! We take all the work off your plate and take care of all 6 things listed above FOR YOU! Give us a call at 727-333-5951 today!