Picking a property management company isn’t an easy feat! While there are many factors to consider, here are 3 extremely important things we recommend you look for when choosing a property management company that will help it be hassle-free and increase your profits!

1. Maintenance and Inspections

Short-term vacation rental maintenance is crucial and impacts everything from preventing disasters to excellent guest reviews. Caring for your vacation rental can be more work than your own home! You will want to find a property management company that has a trustworthy maintenance team who will take this off your plate. At Sandy Feet VR, we manage all your maintenance needs from changing out light bulbs to defrosting refrigerators. Imagine this… it’s Friday evening and the guest is calling to say the refrigerator is not cool and all their food is going to spoil! We have gone the length of taking another refrigerator until we resolve the issue.

With our regular inspections, we aim to defer maintenance issues by checking filters, light bulbs, appliances, and much more. Our response is immediate and solution-time-oriented. The guest will know when and how we will remedy issues that arise. There are times when the maintenance becomes a repair. These issues will be addressed with you, the owner, and we will create a plan together. While these situations are not ideal, they will arise and we are prepared with an excellent team.

Meet our Sandy Feet VR Maintenance Team

(From left to right: Emil Baltic, Corey Francisco, Bob Ross)

Meet our Sandy Feet VR Inspection/Inventory Team

(From left to right: Celeste Domico and Mira Metzger)


2. Guest Services and Communication

Communication is a vital aspect of any business. Poor communication can result in a loss of sales (bookings) and/or a damaged reputation. While most companies struggle with communication when it comes to customer service, at SFVR, we answer our phones faithfully, at any time, for our guests. We believe our communication and customer service is one of the key contributors to our plethora of 5-star reviews for each property.

Specifically when it comes to guest inquiries and bookings, it is known that if a response is not given quickly the guest will move on. When considering a property management company, you will want to consider their communication standards.

Our goal at Sandy Feet VR is to respond promptly to inquiries to ensure bookings and more revenue for our owners! We aim to know the ins and outs of each property to be able to respond with accurate answers to the potential guests’ questions. Accurate, dependable, and time-dependent communication is KEY!

“Good Old-Fashioned Customer Service” is our slogan at Sandy Feet VR, and it represents who we are and what we aim to do! We handle ALL guest relations from inquires to bookings, to hosting and rebookings!

Meet our Sandy Feet VR Guest Services & Communication Team

(From left to right: Audrey Schlatter and Angie Baltic)


3. Marketing and Advertising

When it comes to marketing your vacation rental, there are two very important things you should consider doing. The first is creating a website for your vacation rental. Having a website for your vacation rental is essential so that you can promote your property and avoid all the additional travel site fees. Once you have your website in place, you can then use social media marketing to promote your property. At Sandy Feet VR, we take care of the website for you and we utilize several social media platforms and strategies to promote your property. During onboarding, our team will take both photo/video footage in addition to our professional photography to use on social media. Our social pages are updated daily, so make sure to follow along @sandyfeetvr. We take the hard work of social media marketing off of your plate and encourage you to simply share what we post. (We have had owners repost our content and get bookings from friends!)

Meet our Sandy Feet VR Marketing Team

(From left to right: Corbin Schlatter and Claire Nix)


If you’re looking to simplify your life and increase your profits as a vacation rental owner, give Sandy Feet Vacation Rentals a call today at 727-333-5951.